Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Florence "Hummingbird" Nightingale

Since I was a little tyke, I have always had a fascination for nature and animals..... critters n stuff ya know. One of my favorite critters to see are hummingbirds. I think they are absolutely fascinating. Needles to say I usually hang a hummingbird feeder outside to attract them to my yard.

Yesterday as I was doing a little work in my yard....I walked around on the patio and there laying on the ground was an injured hummingbird! I picked up and tried to revive it but it just layed there shivering. I walked over and inserted its bill into the feeder to try to feed it, but it didnt work. SO i googled "Injured Hummingbird" and found this website http://www.rubythroat.org/questionsinjured01.html
The website say to try to feed the bird....well i had tried that...so I tried it again...and no luck
,...but here is a picture of me trying to feed it . You can see it really was not into eating....In fact I probably should have just put it out of its misery, but ......being somewhat of a tree-hugger, I still had to try to nurse it back to health.
Upon further reading on that website...it says to wrap the bird in a towel and put it on a shoe-box
at night. I carefully wrapped it in paper towels and placed it in a box and left it in the garage.
I wish this story had a happy ending, but this morning there was a hummingbird corpse wrapped in a paper towel in a box in my garage,...but hey I tried to save it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Award Winning !

Thanks for the Award DVonna !

So, i guess now I have a list of questions that I have to answer...so here goes

1. Have you ever eaten a bug?

I have never eaten a bug for nourishment....but biking or jogging I have accidentaly ingested random bugs,,,,but hey, its protein...right?

2. Have you ever farted in Public?

Um hello....I have a very healthy digestive sytem,...so Daily I fart in Public

3. Have you ever doorbell ditched ?

Yes I have, but I prefer the flaming bag of poop technique.....i find it much more classy than just doorbell ditching

4. How many places have you lived in?

Well,...I was Born and Raised in Douglas, Georgia in good old Coffee County. I lived in a few houses there. Then I went on an LDS Mission to the country of Haiti. I lived in multiple cities there inclusing; Port-Au-Prince, Croix-des-Bouquets, St. Marc, Jacmel, and Petionville.

After my Mission I returned home to the Peach State and attended school at South Georgia College in Douglas, and Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. After school I moved to Springville, Utah...............and Finally.....I settled in the Sevier Desert....a little place called Richfield, Utah ( Gods Country )

5. Have you ever had a root canal?

Oh Heck no....Im so picky about my teeth. I brush constantly and floss too! Im very tooth conscious.

6. How old were you when you had your first kiss and where?

My very 1st kiss doesnt mean so much so me and my last 1st kiss, which was with my wife ;)and that kiss was on our 1st date....in her kitchen...i remeber it WELL ;) October 29th 2005.

*I challenge you other married men to remeber the time and place of your LAST 1st kiss.

7. Did you ever pee your pants in school?

SHeesh...what kind of questions are these?!?!?!??

Yes I did pee my pants in kindergarter...cuz there was a kid names derrik who would hit kids in the bathroom....so I didnt want to go in there,.....voila...le pee in le pants. It was short lived...I think Derrik got in trouble and started behaving...I wonder what happened to him? And I wonder what he would think if he knew he was in my blog because he made kids pee their pants?

8. Have you ever fainted?

When I give blood, I usually faint. In order to not faint. I have to close my eyes and put a wet towel over my head. This goes for having my blood drawn at a Dr. Office or even getting shots.

I cant handle the sight of blood. I would make an awful Phlobotomist.

9. Who was your 1st crush.

I remeber it well.......Summer of 1987 ;) Vanna White. We were gonna get married ya know.

10. Would you ever go on a TV Reality Show, and if so, which one?

My FAVORITE show on TV is Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls. I think it sounds AWESOME to
trapse around in some wilderness...building huts, avoiding poisonous snakes and hunting something edible..... In fact, it makes me want to go camping.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The City Pool

I still have the folly of wanting to compete in some kind of triathlon. So, I have been running and biking, and swimming....just to keep in practice. SO this morning I went swimming in the Richfield City Pool. I need to give some props here cuz the Richfield Pool is the cleanest city pool I have ever seen. When i would swim at Orem Rec you could count to double digits the bandaids on the bottom of the pool. Ok, Back tot he story,...SO i arrived at the pool at 6:30AM...got changed and plopped my big butt into the water. The Richfield City Pool is set up with a single lane on the far right side of the pool and the rest of the pool just open. There was a gentleman in the "lap" lane, so I just swamp next to the lap lane in the open area of the pool. Everything was great till 7:01AM when i noticed a couple of "mature" ladies approaching where i was swimming.

When i reached the edge and stood up to take a breath.....one of the dear sweet old ladies said..........and I quote "Swimmer..Swimmer....its walker time.....you have to leave or go in the lap lane." I just nodded my head and said "ok." It kinda made me mad. There is a WHOLE FLIPPIN' POOL that they could be WALKING in. SO these ladies WERENT even walking. They both were sitting on those noodle things with their pink swim caps with vinyl flowers just talking and bobbing around the pool like a cork on a fishing line. I reluctantly climbed out of the pool pouting from the old ladies remarks........ I wanted to yell...You can sit in your bathtubs and talk on the phone...let people REALLY exercising swim here....but Oh well.

Lessons Learned:

1 Be out of the pool by 7AM when the Walkers Arrive

2 Buy stock in pink swim caps with vinyl flowers

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Potato Chip Heaven

I love potato chips ! I try to steer clear of them, but every once in a while....i will get some. So today, I was kind of in a snacky mood and went to the store for a diet pepsi, and while I was there...i picked up a bag of Lays Kettle Cooked Salt-n-Vinegar chips. HOLY CRAP !!!! Those Chips are DELICIOUS !!!! I'm embarassed to say...but I pretty much ate the whole bag. I did share with a few co-workers....but.....the bag was soon empty.
Is gluttony a sin?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go to YOUR Happy Place

Where is your Happy Place?
Im not gonna lie to ya....Mine is probably my shower, but what can I say,...im a Plumbing Nerd.
I love all the newest plumbing gagets and fixtures, and when Moen came out with its new electric
shower valve....i knew that I would have to install it in my shower. There is a shower head, a Rain head spraying from the top....there is a handheld shower...and 4....yes 4 body sprays and they can all spray at the same time! Its basically a carwash for a human. Every morning it makes me smile to take a shower.....it truly is my happy place .

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weirdest Dream Ever

So... I have to tell the weirdest dream that I ever had, Well, one of the weirdest..i have had some

rather bizarre ones. So, Me and my family were at a small 2 story hotel on a beach. We were

staying on the 2nd floor. I was on the front balcony and a black lady ran out and was screaming

that there was someone one in her room. I ran over and told her to stay out of the room and call

for help and I was going in to see what was going on. She said she wouldnt let me go in alone. She

said if I went in alone that I would get stabbed. So, We entered the room and there was a guy

hiding behind one of the curtains in theroom ( you could see his feet under the curtain ). I pointed

silently at the curtian with the invader hiding behind it, and the lady took her high-heeled shoe off

and chucked it at him. The man screamed and ran and jumped out the open window. SO me and

the lady looked at each other with a sigh of relief, and I realized that it was Oprah Winfrey. I asked

her if I need to go get someone to help her...and she said no, and then she said....I have a whole

bucket of fried chicken here....do you want some.....I said, wel, l I'm from the south, and I do love

me some fried chicken. So, I shared a bucket of fried chicken ( extra crispy ) with Oprah. It was

quite an enjoyable dream.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weird Weather

Soo, its may, and its snowing and cold. .....Sheeeesh I just cant handle it. Its like they say, Utah has 3 seasons, Winters Coming, Winters here, and Summer. So this past weekend we had the opportunity to go to the Manti, and Draper Temples. It was really cool. Draper is beautiful ! The way it sit up on the east bench so majestically is breathtaking. And Manti, WOW , if you have never been to the Manti Temple you need to go see it. Gordon B Hinckley described it as the crown jewell of the Temples.

Im really having a good time blogging. I just need to figure out how to put pictures up on it.
One of these days I will have it all down to an art.